Adult Sunday School Classes


Adult Sunday School Classes I Said This You Heard That

"I Said This, You Heard That"
Starting Sunday, April 14 • 9:15 a.m. • CUMC Library

With Mike Blodgett

Join us during the Sunday School hour (9:15 a.m.) in the Library for a new study beginning April 14 and running for 6 weeks.

“I said this, You Heard that, how your wiring colors your communication”

If you’ve ever said the wrong thing – or said the right thing in the wrong way – you know how quickly your mouth can make a big mess. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

This 6 session video study explores how your wiring affects what you say, how you listen, and how others hear you. After taking the simple 40 question assessment, you’ll learn a simple framework that will instantly improve your communication. And you’ll see how advice from the apostle Paul thousands of years ago may have held the secret all along.

Gear Up"Gear Up"
Starting Sunday, April 28 • 9:15 a.m. • CUMC Wesley Room

With Pat Morrissey

Every church needs functioning systems. Kay Kotan present nine gears that are intended to provide the intentional processes to support effective ministry in "Gear Up". This class will focus of the “why” change is needed (not just “what” the change is). This will be a summarized class, as there are nine chapters and only four weeks of class. Because this class begins on April 28th (the Sunday after Easter), it will be important that you sign up for this class on the kiosk in Fellowship Hall no later than  April 14th, as books need to be ordered AND you will need to have read some chapters for the April 28th class. Please make sure you provide us with a legible email so that we can contact you when the books have arrived.