Adult Sunday School Classes

Adult Sunday School Classes Adult Sunday School

Sunday • 9:15 a.m.

The Invitational Life

With Lee Ann Blackmer

The early church loved to talk about their faith to others and the growth of new believers demonstrated what they had to share was infectious.  Yet, in our times we seem so reluctant and private about faith sharing.  Bottled up by our fear of being offensive or overbearing and bottled up by worries we are inadequate or will embarrass ourselves … we keep Good News stuck inside for no one but ourselves. In this powerful DVD series, Steve Carter takes us back to the early church so we can discover how to lead a genuinely “Invitational Life” offering grace and goodness to those in every corner of our lives.  The study guide offers practical ideas and biblical food for thought enabling us to be a little less self-conscious and less bottled up and quite a bit more contagiously invitational.


With Mike Blodgett

These thoughtful lessons and engaging discussions are downloaded off the internet each and every week. They take headlines, events and issues you think about in your everyday life and ask pertinent questions of faith, or dig deeper beyond the surface. Bible passages ground our everyday experiences in more lasting truth, but the rigorous discussion makes sure we are doing far more than memorizing beliefs, we are living faith! Since the class topics can be wildly different each and every week (ripped from the headlines, news or current trends) this class is perfect for those who simply want to try a Sunday School class without committing to a whole series. This class is also perfect for those who find variety refreshing and don’t want to get overly bogged down in one topic or thing. Join Mike with these invigorating discussions each week.

The Shack

With Pastor Dave

The Shack is a Christian novel by Canadian author William Young, a former office manager and hotel night clerk. The novel was self-published in 2007 and became a USA Today bestseller, having sold 1 million copies by of June 8, 2008. It was the No. 1 paperback trade fiction seller on The New York Times Best Seller list from June 2008 to early 2010. In 2009 it was awarded the "Diamond Award" for sales of over 10 million copies by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association.

The title of the book is a metaphor for "the house you build out of your own pain," as Young explained once in a telephone interview. He also told a radio talk show host that ‘“The Shack "is a metaphor for the places you get stuck, you get hurt, you get damaged...the thing where shame or hurt is centered.”’

The novel follows Mack through an unthinkably painful experience in life, through his encounter with God and God’s healing power and grace. In the season of Lent, Pastor Dave believes the very substantial themes having to do with a broken world, evil, suffering and pain – and finding God and His resurrection, life-giving power in the midst of it all is a useful study using this modern story. The assumption is that you will read along in the book, even if you have read it before, and at some point in Lent go and see the newly released movie. Please join in.