Decathlon Youth Group Kickoff! (Over $250 of prizes given away!)

September 13 • @ CUMC • For Current 6-12th Graders

Join us for a hilarious, fun, and amazing night at CUMC, as you buddy up with a partner and attempt to out-duel your peers. We'll be doing a decathlon, which will include physical and mental challenges. Grand prize winners will take home $100 in prizes, and everyone will get something just for coming. Invite your friends, and see you there!


Fall Retreat 2017 @ Camp Timberlee!

October 6-8 • $125 • East Troy, WI • For Current 6-12th Graders
Join us for a new kind of trip - we'll be joining up with several other youth groups in the area for our Fall Retreat this year. There will be tons of fun stuff to do, and parts of the weekend where middle schoolers will be doing things apart from high schoolers. Come for a great chance to connect with God through nature, worship, and community!

Download and fill out the info packet HERE! Return to CUMC Office. 50% refundable before Sep 29, and Non-refundable thereafter.


Mom to Mom Sale

Mosaic Youth Fundraiser • Saturday, May 20 • 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Have TONS of kids stuff just laying around your house? Now is the time to purge! CUMC will be hosting its first ever Mom-to-Mom Sale. Here’s how it works: Rent a table space for the day – We’ll have 3 table sizes available for rental. Fill your table, or split your table with a friend. The Community Room will house ‘large items’. Man your table – Come with your items priced and ready to sell then get comfortable and wait for the guests to come to you. Help spread the word! – The more people here the more helpful to you and our programs. We’ll get the advertising ball rolling but we all know moms are AMAZING at spreading the word. There will be a brat fry, bake sale AND live’s going to be great day! Limited number of tables available. Sign up here!


Coffee (or in our case...TEA) & DonutsCoffee and Donuts

2nd & 4th Thursdays • 7:30-8:15am • CUMC Parking Lot Community Room (when the weather turns cold)

Join us out in the parking lot, as we give away donuts to high schoolers on their way into school. When the weather turns cold, join us for our Coffee/Tea & Donuts in the Community Room. We have a lot of fun with this - just hanging out, making Chinese Tea, eating donuts, and talking! For High School students.