Our Way of Doing the Great Command & the Great Commission

Multiple worship styles with excellence & integrity

reflect our diversity of personality and age, and means an inclusive or ever-expanding circle of God’s grace. This is the only way to develop an intentionally multi-generational church and is the precursor to being interracial (Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors).

Discipleship based, not Membership based –

We will not program for nominal Christianity, but lives devoted and engaged by the Gospel of Jesus in daily living.

Life Change happens best through Small Groups –

While worship is the core, common experience of growing Christians for shared vision, inspiration and praise of God . . . Life change is cultivated best in small groups.

Lifestyle Mission is always to be preferred.

In the life of our church, mission opportunities will always exceed what any one person can accomplish. We promote "lifestyle mission," not merely making a deposit of good will to clear one’s conscience.

Church Health results in appropriate Church Growth . . .

and is the most effective evangelism for our times that gives glory to God. To attend to principles of healthiness in our fellowship is not only good for us in becoming whole (mind, body, spirit, emotions) as God intends, but becomes infectious to newcomers and outsiders who also inwardly crave health & wholeness.

High Tech and High Touch

In our attempt to communicate the Gospel in an effective, relevant and thorough manner, we will relentlessly use technology but complement it by intentional personal touch.

Participation in the work of the Holy Spirit

makes the Christian life an adventure, not drudgery. Believing that our task is not to gut it out for God, trying to be nice people of our own resources and strength, we are committed to a life of growing in grace, made possible by the Holy Spirit. As such, all believers have ministry and should discover it; prayer should be a central thread in the life of the church; and form should fit function in the life of the church whenever possible.