"Scripture and the Wesleyan Way"

Would it not be fascinating to attend a Bible study led by John Wesley? He discovered a challenging yet hopeful message in the Bible, which profoundly shaped his personal life and the Methodist movement he founded.

In our new Bible study, we will follow the book and video series, Scripture and the Wesleyan Way, in which Bishop Scott J. Jones and his son, Senior Associate Pastor Arthur D. Jones, use Wesley’s own words to address questions that many of us in the twenty-first century still struggle with today. Scripture and the Wesleyan Way unpacks a Wesleyan approach to the Bible and Christian life. Each chapter and session explore a key scripture text and one of Wesley’s sermons about the text to illuminate his understanding about what it means to be a real Christian. As we study the Bible with John Wesley, we will be inspired to respond with faith and boldness.

Please consider joining us as we hear Wesley’s call to live a real Christian life.

Wednesdays at 11a.m. in the CUMC Wesley Room. All are welcome!