Directory Instructions

How to Access the Photo Directory


From your Web Browser:

Click Here Icon 2to access the church photo directory file, and then when prompted, enter the password you received in an email from the church.  If you need the password, please email the church office.


From your Mobile Device:

To access the directory file from you mobile device, download the free Instant Church Directory app from the app store of your device (App Store for Apple devices; Google Play for Android devices; Amazon Apps for Kindle Fire)

The first time you open the app, you will be prompted to enter an email address to receive a device-specific password.  You MUST enter an email address that ALREADY APPEARS in the current church directory (e.g. if you only have one family email currently listed in the directory, you must use that one).  You can request multiple passwords using the same email address, you just need to do so from different devices (e.g. you can download the app on an iPhone and iPad and request different passwords using the same email address).

Once you receive the password at the email address you indicated, you can now log in to the Instant Church Directory app using that password.  It will take a minute or two for the photos to populate.

If you would like to add more family email addresses or update other information in the online directory, please email the church office with the additional information.