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Though senior adults face specific age-related challenges, all lives have been reshaped by this global pandemic.  The nation and world evidence increasing stress and tragedy born of division, scarcity and fear.  We witness the reality of grief, longing and fatigue on the party of so many.

 Even in the midst of these hardships, regardless of our age, there is wisdom in seeking to engage in regular practices of gratitude.  I have a friend who begins and ends each day in prayerful reflection based upon three things in that day for which he is grateful.  I’ve begun adopting this practice and finding that it makes a difference.

As a church family, we seek to make a difference through caring for one another, as well as being in mission far beyond our walls.  There are times when we are grateful for blessings that come our way as recipients.  Gratitude can also issue through giving to others.  May this season of anticipation of a great Joy meant for all the world’s people, find us responding in gratitude. Pass it on.

This year our church is engaged in three missional expressions:

Our 3 UMCOR missions; Franciscan Peacemakers; Hats, Mittens and Scarfs and gift cards for Northcott Neighborhood House and United Methodist Children’s Services.  Contributions may also be made to Hunger Task Force. (Further specifics can be found on our Outreach page.) While we embrace the blessings of Christmas may we in gratitude seek to bless others in return.