Church Schedule and Ministry Update

Happy New Year!

Thanks be to God for each one of you! I continue to feel the joy and comfort of hearing stories from people returning to church and the power of fellowship connections. Here at Cedarburg, you are fortunate to have the strong leadership and staff that supports God’s efforts through each of us.

I would like to specifically take a moment to lift up Stevie and Ellie’s efforts in developing the Intergenerational Ministry. This ministry began in September this year and has grown into a small group of vibrant families attending the 11 a.m. Sunday service. We were able to experience the fruits of this labor in the laughter, interaction, and “faith alive” on Christmas Eve when “The Heart that Grew Three Sizes” came to life.

In the Sundays to come I will continue to follow the lectionary scriptures to provide lessons and share my personal experiences so we can all grow on our faith journey. The 11 a.m. service will continue to be one of family experiences and sharing (I invite you to attend one Sunday and see this developing ministry in action).

I pray this year that we will all allow God’s grace to fill us, the scriptures to empower us, and our faith to be the connections that guide us forward this year.

Pastor Mark


Church Schedule and Ministry Update

Ad Council Policy Update

1) Masks are required for everyone when entering the church building. Once inside, they must be worn at all times. 

1) Six-foot distancing will remain in effect at this time. This means every other pew seating and other six-foot provisions remain in effect.

2) Congregants will be asked to sign in for contact tracing, so a signup sheet will be at the greeter’s table with pens and hand sanitizer. The greeter can sign them in if they prefer.

3) All three bathrooms will be available in the corridor between the main entrance and the Community Room.

4) Communion will be served at the altar using individual cups, rather than passed in the pews. Empty cups can be left in the pew holders as previously done.

5) The hymnals and Bibles will not be placed back in the pews at this time.

6) Use of Fellowship Hall during services has been limited. We initially are going to reduce set up
chairs to twelve.

7) Nursery and childcare will remain closed at this time. Stevie is providing worship related materials for children attending worship to help integrate their attention to the service.

8) Signage will be updated to reflect changes, information will be sent and communicated to the congregation.


Church Schedule and Ministry Update

The Administrative Council has approved returning to in-person worship. This decision, the timing and conditions that make it possible, are reviewed periodically.  

 We are requring masking and social distancing to protect our fellow members and visitors at increased risk of infection.