Church Schedule and Ministry Update

Sundays in September
Re-engagement through Intergenerational Faith Formation

This is a re-engagement strategy for all of us, as we come together around the basic purpose of being a church, developing lifelong faith formation and spiritual growth for every time in our lives. Over the past several months Nate and Stevie have been working with our lay leadership and with Pastor Don to develop this approach in a way that is uniquely tailored to our congregation at CUMC. We hope to re-engage with our younger families, and with new younger families as a community of children, parents, single adults, empty nesters, and seasoned saints – all of us together as part of the family of God. 

Starting September 12, our Sunday morning schedule is adjusted for this purpose.

9:00 – 9:45              Worship (praise, preaching and prayer)
10:00 – 10:50          In-person Faith Formation – 2 options (Intergenerational Class and an Adult Class)
11:00 – 11:45          Worship (family minded worship focus with themes related to the Intergeneration Class)

Starting September 12, our worship and faith formation themes will honor the family of God.

September 12           Grandparenting
September 19           Students
September 25           Birthdays


Church Schedule and Ministry Update

Coming Inside for Worship - Policy Update

Our Task Force met and agreed to the following changes to our current practices:

1) Six-foot distancing will remain in effect at this time. This means every other pew seating and other six-foot provisions remain
in effect.

2) The contactless thermometer will be removed from use.

3) The preregistration will be suspended. Congregants will still be asked to sign in for contact tracing, so a signup sheet will be at the greeter’s table with pens and hand sanitizer. The greeter can sign them in if they prefer.

4) All three bathrooms will be available in the corridor between the main entrance and the
Community Room.

5) Communion will be served at the altar using individual cups, rather than passed in the pews. Empty cups can be left in the pew holders as previously done.

6) In the future we are planning to serve coffee at the Patio Praise worship.

7) The hymnals and Bibles will not be placed back in the pews at this time.

8) Use of Fellowship Hall during services has been limited. We initially are going to reduce set up
chairs to twelve.

9) Nursery and childcare will remain closed at this time. Stevie is providing worship related materials for children attending worship to help integrate their attention to the service.

10) Signage will be updated to reflect these changes, information will be sent to Worship Teams (Set Up, Greeters, Disinfecting, Technical and Music) and communicated to the congregation.


Church Schedule and Ministry Update

Returning to In-Person Worship

The Administrative Council decided to return to in-person worship.  This decision, the timing and conditions that made it possible, was discussed at length on February 15th.

Our decision is to follow the guidance of the Wisconsin Council of Churches, which clearly identifies three stages of safety and two metrics for each stage (vaccination rates and viral transmission rates).  We are using Ozaukee County statistics, not statewide statistics, to measure our progress.  Our decision to resume face-to-face worship is based on local progress toward these conditions.  For more information, please read  Returning to In-Person Worship