Service Opportunites

The highest form of worship is the worship of unseflish Christian service.

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Welcome Team

Outdoor Greeter

The Outdoor greeter is our first contact for members or visitors entering the building.  Our goal is to make everyone entering feel appreciated and welcome.

Duties include:
* Stand outside as much as possible (weather permitting)
* Wave and smile at cars as they drive into the parking lot.
* Greet people as they approach making effort to use their name.
* Hold the door and offer help when needed.
* If you notice a visitor, ask them to stop at the welcoming kiosk.

Sanctuary Greeter

The Sanctuary Greeters welcome everyone into worship with a smile and warm greeting as they enter the sanctuary. 

Welcome Station Attendant


The Welcome station attendant is the person who makes visitors feel welcome, accepted, and wanted.  This person offers to help visitors in any way they can.

Duties include:
* Stand or sit in front of the counter near the welcome banner.
* Be on the lookout for visitors.
* Warmly greet anyone you suspect is a visitor.

The Ushers will help people to find seats in the church.

Duties include:
* Smile and warmly greet people.
* Ask people where they would like to sit.
* Remind people to sign in on the pew pad, especially visitors.
* Handout the service bulletins.
* Assist with the distribution of elements on Communion Sundays.

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Care Connectors

The Care Connectors group offers pastoral care to people who are experiencing difficult or transitional situations.  Members of this group are trained volunteers who extend the care of a faith community.

Membership to this group is open to anyone who is prepared and willing to complete the required training.  Contact a current member if interested in becoming a member.

Homebound and residents of both Lasata and Village Commons continue to receive communion as they wish.  Pastor Lourdes is meeting regularly with a group at Lasata in a time of communion and prayer.

This group meets on the 3rd Monday of each month. The CUMC Care Connection Team will meet at 1:30 p.m. on March 18 in the Community Room. Our focus this month will be on “self-care.” Self-care means taking the time to do the things that help us improve both our physical and mental health as we begin the new year. Care Connectors continue to serve our homebound and limited mobility members by arranging communion, home visits, or calls. If you know of someone who needs a connection to care, please let Pastor Lourdes know.

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Long Range Planning Committee

The Long Range Planning Committee is  responsible for long-range plans for the future development, structure, projects and activities of Cedarburg Community United Methodist Church.

The mission of this committee is to develop and manage the church's long range plans by continuously reviewing the goals, objectives, roles and activities of the church. This group works closely with other committees, small groups, and staff as needed to ensure current objectives meet the needs of those groups.

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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee provides financial analysis, advice, and oversight of the church's budget.

Their primary responsibility is to ensure the church is operating with the financial resources it needs to provide programs and services to our members, missions and community. 

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